Friday, May 21, 2010

The troops

This trooper is a perfect example of forces embroiled in the current conflict. He wears a uniform and gear very similar to those worn in the Great War. Only the color sets him apart. Many provincial militias use surplus material, or use them as a basis for their own distinctive uniforms. This fellow is from the Volborg Freistaat Provincial Militia. His uniform is a mustardy green with yellow piping. His arm patch and shoulder straps bear the Duchy's colors.
As arms and equipment flow in from all over the world, the factions involved will take on an even more differing assortment of dress and weapons.


  1. I thought I'd comment here to say that A) I really like the look of this soldier's color scheme, as I think it captures the Freikorps "feel" quite well, and B) I really enjoy reading this blog and your other one. Keep up the good work, Baron!