Tuesday, June 1, 2010

UNF Blitz

This morning, in an all out lightning attack, the Unkerlant Nationalist Front struck several cities in the southwest. Zepplintruppen launched from their base in Carroburg dropped into and captured strategic locations in the town of Schoppendorf in Overholt at dawn. The gates of the city were opened in time for the arrival of UNF tanks following close behind. There was little resistance.
UNF tank parked outside Schoppendorf's gates.
At the same time, attacks were launched into the Thurnin cities of Spetz and and Bergsburg. As most Unkerlanters know, Thurnin is a quiet place full of quiet people, who don't like to be disturbed. As Unkerlant ravaged itself over the ages, Thurnin managed to escape most of the devastation by remaining exceptionally neutral. This attitude further cemented their belief that's it's best to stay out of the way and mind your own business. But, Thurniners should not be considered passive in any way. They can be very forceful when it comes to enforcing this peace and quiet. "Never wake a napping Thurniner" goes the saying. Well, now the UNF have awakened the Thurniners. The sleepy town of Bergsburg was attacked first. They were awakened by bombs from UNF fighters at 4 am, soon followed by tanks and infantry. The local Civil Air Militia rose up to fight and a swirling dogfight ensued. UNF troops were greeted by the Bergburg Royal Cheesemongers lobbing hunks of the almost chemical grade stinky Spetznecheese. Unprepared, Iron Legion troops fell back against the onslaught, but quickly regrouped and counter attacked. Despite a heroic effort, Bergurg fell by noon. The northern town of Spetz would fall soon after under combined air assault and undermined from within by Iron Legion supporters within the police and local government.
The air battle over Bergsburg. This rare photo was taken by a passing airship.
Steissen in the Sumpftlund would be the next to feel the Iron Legion jackboot. UNF troops were somehow able to navigate the swampy Sumpftlund and attack the until now, impenetrable fortress of Castle Streissen. Count Hans-Ludwig Sumpftlunden commanded the last defense of castle, until modern artillery finally destroyed the outer walls and UNF troops stormed in. The bloodied Count was able to escape, and is said to be organizing a guerilla force in the marshes and bogs around Wissenburg.

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