Friday, June 18, 2010

Identifying the forces presently engaged at war

As part of our coverage of the current internal conflict in Unkerlant, we will presenting a series of studies on the vast array of uniforms of the forces involved, to better help our readers determine who is marching down their street.
Presented here is the uniform of a cadet soldier from the Unkerlant Academy for Martial Prowess and Study. This smartly dressed lad has the traditional colors of Styrland troops, white, yellow and black.
The red tabs on his collar mark him as an Officer of the Cadets. The rigors of battle may force these young men to adopt more drab uniforms, but for now they march smartly into the fray.

 source: Dur Unkerlant Reichsarmee undt Provenzal Staattruppen 1920-1930 by Arneld Von Zupp

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