Wednesday, June 2, 2010

UU gains in Salacia

The Salacia province has always been one of Unkelrant's poorer states. Deemed nothing more than a den of thieves by outsiders, Salacia has had to make do over the centuries, sometimes "borrowing" things that don't belong to them. But recently, maybe due to the crushing poverty, Communist ideas have made inroads into Salacian society. The Socialist Brotherhood of Salt Miners has been very active and influential in Salzenmund particularly.
It was into this Red den that Unkerlant United forces invaded this afternoon. UU forces quickly overwhelmed the unprepared Salzenmund militia, and UU tanks smashed through the Salt Miner's hastily armored tractors and armored trucks. As fierce as the battle was, there was little bloodshed.
Unkerlant United placed a garrison and few "advisors" to the mayor in place, then hastily made a public statement. Arch Duke Viktor Von Volborg had this to say:
"We, free people of Unkerlant, have come to the aid of Salacia, in order to protect them from what we see as the true threat to freedom in our fair country, the Iron Legion. Salzenmund was the obvious choice in their ruthless expansionism."
UU troops inspect a captured armored truck

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