Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Battle for Agbetten, Averland

Ludwigian forces in the recently captured city of Agbetten, were surprised this morning by artillery fire from UWP forces. It seems the sleeping Red giant has awakened! The bombardment was followed by strafing from the tiny Unkerlant Workers Party air force, mostly converted crop dusters and civilian aircraft.
Monarchists tanks rolled out south to root out the UWP gun emplacements and were met by UWP tanks. These were real tanks, not just modified, armored trucks. It seems an outside force is funneling in arms and equipment to the UWP, possibly through Transbalkania.
Monarchist Tanks race south to engage the UWP
A large infantry battle erupted around the ironworks in the southern part of town. Once the the Monarchists tanks were destroyed, UWP armor was able to support their forces around the ironworks. Monarchists forces were forced to pull back to the northern sector, and seek refuge in St. Lothar's Cathedral.
The UWP peasant workers were reluctant to assault such a religious symbol, but the arrival of the UWP sector Commisars, and few "examples" later, and the cathedral was reduced to rubble. The battle for Agbetten was over.
A short speech was read from Oskar Phlattz, spokesman and head of the UWP, who was not there for the battle. Then, surviving members of the local nobility were paraded out and summarily executed.
UWP soldiers form up in Agbetten's town square.

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