Friday, June 11, 2010

Dirty Deeds!

Assassination, always a staple of Unkerlant politics, struck the very heart of the Unkerlant Workers Party this day. Oskarr Phlattz, heart and soul of the UWP movement was found dead in his simple shack outside Grenzstadt. His throat had been cut. Many have pointed fingers at a now missing mistress, and now supposed agent of the Ludwigian Restorationists. Indeed, Monarchists have taken claim to an explosion at the oil refinery in Agbetten. The loss of both a leader and much needed fuel in the same day has paralyzed the UWP, and poised the Monarchists for a counter attack.
Phlattz's brother and right hand man to the movement, Hermann, seems the obvious replacement as leader. He addressed a large crowd this afternoon outside the Hotel Agbetten. "Children of the Revolution. Do not be disheartened by the loss of our father. We must carry on the torch of freedom to brothers and sisters across our shared Homeland. Let its light both blind our enemies, and light our way to victory!"

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