Friday, May 14, 2010

Iron Legion Strikes

Dateline: Principality of Hurn
Hurn, long an ally of Borogravia, has recently been a hotbed of Fascist activity. Now, the Iron Legion has combined with local militias and defense forces to attack from the capital of the principality, Alsdorf, into Carroburg.
Carroburg, as most of our readers know, has been a staunch supporter of King Ludwig. It's also home to the Carroburg Zeppelin Works and the gateway to Salacia to the north.
At dawn, fascist forces hammered the city with artillery, and began strafing from the air. Soon after tanks began to roll in. The monarchist forces, without air support or armor, held out as long as they could, before finally surrendering the city around noon.
Surviving leaders of the city defense forces were rounded up shipped via railcar south to Borogravia.
Brave Carroburg City Militia set up a machine gun, and await Iron League forces.

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