Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ludwigian Gains

Monarchists have managed to win over three major cities in southern and central Unkerlant. Averland, always a staunch supporter of King Ludwig, already had one city, Hochleben, under Ludwigian control. Now, by appealing to southern patriotism and fear of Communist infiltration, Agbetten has joined the Monarchist cause. Adding Averland to the fold gives the Ludwigians a strong cavalry wing. Averlanders in general, and Agbettians in particular are excellent horsemen, though no one's sure how they will fair in this new age of warfare.
Marburg, in the Baronies, also has strong Monarchist leanings, so it was no surprise when the town fathers claimed official allegiance to the Ludwigians. Wurtbad was little tougher to win over. UNF forces controlled most of the town council and high positions in local provincial militia. It was only when the local Kanonball team, the Wurtbad Wyverns, roused the populace in favor of the Ludwigians, that the fascists were forced from power.

"Mad" Max Mueller, captain of the Wyverns, before the 1930 Kanonball Natonals

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