Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Red Southeast

While other factions across Unkerlant expand their influence, the Unkerlant Workers Party has remained disturbingly quiet. Sources inside Wurten and Bergstaat, their main base of operations, have reported the factories running day and night. The iron and steel works are turning out the raw material for armored vehicles, while farmers and fisherman receive military training from foreign "advisors".
Business and large land owners have been rounded up, and those that don't take to re-education have simply disappeared.
The UWP now control a large portion of Unkerlant's grain belt as well as its factories. It won't be long before another faction tries to take it away from them. When asked for comment, Oskar Phlattz, nominal leader of  the UWP, had this to say:
"We, the Unkerlant Workers Party, are striving for a new future. A future free of the shackles of class and corporate greed. The workers of our homeland will flock to the UWP banners, and together we will rest control of Unkerlant from the nobility, the clergy, and capitalist dogs who seek to keep their boots on our necks!"

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