Monday, May 17, 2010

The Power of Propaganda

Arch Duke Viktor of Volborg began a series of radio addresses last week directed at neighboring towns to the south of UU held territory, specifically Vollenbeck and Herzig. Vollenbeck, always in competition with its UU sister city to the north, Sturmbeck, proved an easy nut to crack. Though the city council was controlled by Monarchist supporters, a groundswell of support from the middle and upper classes, as well as the bayonets of the Volborg Freistaat Provincial Militia, forced the council to switch allegiance to Unkerlant United. Quickly, a small UU garrison appeared, and soon an artillery park was formed on the mayor's lawn.
Herzig has always been the most pious town of a fanatically religious region. Despite this, or maybe because of this, anti-church Red forces rose to control the city. A group calling themselves the People's Militia set up barricades and held most of the city hostage.
But, it seems, the one thing the People's Militia can't block is the UU transmissions. Sisters from the Our Lady of Perpetual Martyrdom convent and the women of the Lady's Temperance League have taken to the streets. Unwilling to fire on unarmed civilians, the Militia were forced from the barricades as other Herzigers joined the march.
Within hours, a UU unit from Volgen moved in and arrested the People's Militia leaders.
Both towns are now firmly part of the Unkerlant United front.

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