Wednesday, May 19, 2010

PFU gains in Zlobenia

The People for a Free Unkerlant, or PFU have launched a veritable "political blitzkrieg" on their neighbors in Zlobenia, from their base in Nordvald.  As most Unkerlantans know, Zlobenia has always been the most "European" of the Unkerlantan states, even allowing in foreigners as businessmen and advisors. We, at the Unkerlant Chronicle, have condemned such practices, and find it in no way surprising when outside ideas sway our northern brethren.
Lothar Luttelbuch and his PFU insiders were able to infiltrate the ranks of the Ducal Horse Grenadiers. The Horse Grenadiers, probably one of the most feared military units in the country, have long dominated Zlonbenian politics. Although the Horse Grenadiers are now mostly mechanized, they still keep their old name. Their capture of the Royal Stables in Hurn (the city, not the principality in the south), all but insured the city's allegiance to the PFU. Colonel Blutz, commander of the Horse Grenadiers, formally raised the new PFU flag above the city hall.
Meanwhile, Duke Sigmisund gave Luttelbuch a state dinner at the ducal palace in Zlobenburg, late last night. The duke, without the backing of his provincial militias, must have seen the writing on the wall.
This leaves only Altenbruk up for grabs, before Zlobenia is fully within PFU hands.

Flag of the new Ducal Horse Grenadiers

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