Friday, July 13, 2012

UWP attack on Gesehburg

The long anticipated assault on Gesehburg began this morning. Most of the city had evacuated early in the week. Only those loyal to the Unkerlant Workers Party, lower class laborers and a few union groups, had remained.
UWP forces charged up the steep cliffs and hills. They encountered little resistance.
Gesehburg, that majestic city on the mountaintops, home to vacation villas of the nobility, in the hands of communists and their foreign backers. Yes, readers, spotted amongst the UWP troops were "advisors" from Unkerlant's most hated enemy, Transbalkania. The villas and mansions are now in flames. The whole city burns.
But, just before sunset on the western horizon, the shadowy bulk of zepplins were spotted against the sky. Is the UNF on it's way?
A Transbalkanian soldier standing guard outside the courthouse.


  1. Dastards! What true Son of Unkerlant would stoop to such lows? *shaking head*

    "Friends of the Worker", indeed...

  2. Fantastic love the faction photos.