Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Winter into Spring

We here at the Unkerlant Chronicle are dedicated to bringing you the latest news from the front. Unfortunately, several factions have have banned our publication and this has made distribution difficult. Combined that with the notoriously horrible roads in our home country and you have a recipe for scattered news coverage.
Winter this year has been particularly brutal, but battle lines have stabilized during the frigid temperatures. With Spring here, no doubt hostilities will continue.
A quick look at the map shows only four cities still up for grabs, as they say. Gesehburg in the south, Grunburg in Hochland, Ostvald in the north and neighboring Wurzen, capital of Franistover.
The next battle, when it surely comes, will mostly likely happen in Gesehburg. Fascist and communist factions have been building up in neighboring towns and village. Whatever happens, it will most likely be a brutal affair. Gesehburg is Unkerlant's highest city, located in the steep Widowfang mountains. Few roads access it, so it will come as no surprise the recently seized Carroburg Zeppelin Works by Fascist forces may aid them in their assault. The vaunted Iron Legion Zeppelintruppen may come into action. Until now, they have seen little action as UNF leaders have been reluctant to lose any of this elite unit in some petty skirmish.
UWP artillery stationed outside Gesehburg