Friday, June 18, 2010

Identifying the forces presently engaged at war

As part of our coverage of the current internal conflict in Unkerlant, we will presenting a series of studies on the vast array of uniforms of the forces involved, to better help our readers determine who is marching down their street.
Presented here is the uniform of a cadet soldier from the Unkerlant Academy for Martial Prowess and Study. This smartly dressed lad has the traditional colors of Styrland troops, white, yellow and black.
The red tabs on his collar mark him as an Officer of the Cadets. The rigors of battle may force these young men to adopt more drab uniforms, but for now they march smartly into the fray.

 source: Dur Unkerlant Reichsarmee undt Provenzal Staattruppen 1920-1930 by Arneld Von Zupp

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Return of the King

Today Monarchist forces captured the capital. It was only a matter of time, as most of the capital police and the Koenigstadt Civic Militia were already fighting alongside Ludwigian forces.
King Ludwig himself addressed a huge crowd in the Koenigplatz, flanked by his new advisor, General Rolf Von Stern, Commandant of the Civic Militia. Ludwig appeared in all his royal regalia, looking every inch the monarch. But, as he spoke, one could hear the age and recent stresses in his voice.
"Unkerlant, our home, is and has always been, an independent nation. We don't need outside ideas or more importantly, outside armies on our beloved soil! These experiment swith democracy, socialism, and most all fascism, have lead us to this sorry state of affairs. So, my children, I ask you. Will you help me cast out these invaders and restore Unkerlant to its former glory?"
The crowd exploded into cheers and celebratory gunfire.
King Ludwig I

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dirty Deeds!

Assassination, always a staple of Unkerlant politics, struck the very heart of the Unkerlant Workers Party this day. Oskarr Phlattz, heart and soul of the UWP movement was found dead in his simple shack outside Grenzstadt. His throat had been cut. Many have pointed fingers at a now missing mistress, and now supposed agent of the Ludwigian Restorationists. Indeed, Monarchists have taken claim to an explosion at the oil refinery in Agbetten. The loss of both a leader and much needed fuel in the same day has paralyzed the UWP, and poised the Monarchists for a counter attack.
Phlattz's brother and right hand man to the movement, Hermann, seems the obvious replacement as leader. He addressed a large crowd this afternoon outside the Hotel Agbetten. "Children of the Revolution. Do not be disheartened by the loss of our father. We must carry on the torch of freedom to brothers and sisters across our shared Homeland. Let its light both blind our enemies, and light our way to victory!"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Styrland to join the PFU

While the battle for Agbetten raged in the south, the People for a Free Unkerlant quietly seized control of Styrland, and most importantly, the Electorate of Asstryria. With the capture of Asstyria comes the Unkerlant Military Academy for Martial Prowess and Study, and with it, most of the young officer corps. With these brave young lads leading the PFU cause, nothing should stand in their way of the conquering the north.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Battle for Agbetten, Averland

Ludwigian forces in the recently captured city of Agbetten, were surprised this morning by artillery fire from UWP forces. It seems the sleeping Red giant has awakened! The bombardment was followed by strafing from the tiny Unkerlant Workers Party air force, mostly converted crop dusters and civilian aircraft.
Monarchists tanks rolled out south to root out the UWP gun emplacements and were met by UWP tanks. These were real tanks, not just modified, armored trucks. It seems an outside force is funneling in arms and equipment to the UWP, possibly through Transbalkania.
Monarchist Tanks race south to engage the UWP
A large infantry battle erupted around the ironworks in the southern part of town. Once the the Monarchists tanks were destroyed, UWP armor was able to support their forces around the ironworks. Monarchists forces were forced to pull back to the northern sector, and seek refuge in St. Lothar's Cathedral.
The UWP peasant workers were reluctant to assault such a religious symbol, but the arrival of the UWP sector Commisars, and few "examples" later, and the cathedral was reduced to rubble. The battle for Agbetten was over.
A short speech was read from Oskar Phlattz, spokesman and head of the UWP, who was not there for the battle. Then, surviving members of the local nobility were paraded out and summarily executed.
UWP soldiers form up in Agbetten's town square.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Monarchist claim part of the Drakwald

Ludwigians gained another city today, this time Averswald in the Drakwald. The sleepy lumber town was unprepared for sight of Monarchist planes in the air above their community. A delegation representing King Ludwig soon followed, and the town was theirs.
Monarchist planes approaching Averswald. Pictured are a FL12 Kutlass and an F611 Brigand.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

UU gains in Salacia

The Salacia province has always been one of Unkelrant's poorer states. Deemed nothing more than a den of thieves by outsiders, Salacia has had to make do over the centuries, sometimes "borrowing" things that don't belong to them. But recently, maybe due to the crushing poverty, Communist ideas have made inroads into Salacian society. The Socialist Brotherhood of Salt Miners has been very active and influential in Salzenmund particularly.
It was into this Red den that Unkerlant United forces invaded this afternoon. UU forces quickly overwhelmed the unprepared Salzenmund militia, and UU tanks smashed through the Salt Miner's hastily armored tractors and armored trucks. As fierce as the battle was, there was little bloodshed.
Unkerlant United placed a garrison and few "advisors" to the mayor in place, then hastily made a public statement. Arch Duke Viktor Von Volborg had this to say:
"We, free people of Unkerlant, have come to the aid of Salacia, in order to protect them from what we see as the true threat to freedom in our fair country, the Iron Legion. Salzenmund was the obvious choice in their ruthless expansionism."
UU troops inspect a captured armored truck

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

UNF Blitz

This morning, in an all out lightning attack, the Unkerlant Nationalist Front struck several cities in the southwest. Zepplintruppen launched from their base in Carroburg dropped into and captured strategic locations in the town of Schoppendorf in Overholt at dawn. The gates of the city were opened in time for the arrival of UNF tanks following close behind. There was little resistance.
UNF tank parked outside Schoppendorf's gates.
At the same time, attacks were launched into the Thurnin cities of Spetz and and Bergsburg. As most Unkerlanters know, Thurnin is a quiet place full of quiet people, who don't like to be disturbed. As Unkerlant ravaged itself over the ages, Thurnin managed to escape most of the devastation by remaining exceptionally neutral. This attitude further cemented their belief that's it's best to stay out of the way and mind your own business. But, Thurniners should not be considered passive in any way. They can be very forceful when it comes to enforcing this peace and quiet. "Never wake a napping Thurniner" goes the saying. Well, now the UNF have awakened the Thurniners. The sleepy town of Bergsburg was attacked first. They were awakened by bombs from UNF fighters at 4 am, soon followed by tanks and infantry. The local Civil Air Militia rose up to fight and a swirling dogfight ensued. UNF troops were greeted by the Bergburg Royal Cheesemongers lobbing hunks of the almost chemical grade stinky Spetznecheese. Unprepared, Iron Legion troops fell back against the onslaught, but quickly regrouped and counter attacked. Despite a heroic effort, Bergurg fell by noon. The northern town of Spetz would fall soon after under combined air assault and undermined from within by Iron Legion supporters within the police and local government.
The air battle over Bergsburg. This rare photo was taken by a passing airship.
Steissen in the Sumpftlund would be the next to feel the Iron Legion jackboot. UNF troops were somehow able to navigate the swampy Sumpftlund and attack the until now, impenetrable fortress of Castle Streissen. Count Hans-Ludwig Sumpftlunden commanded the last defense of castle, until modern artillery finally destroyed the outer walls and UNF troops stormed in. The bloodied Count was able to escape, and is said to be organizing a guerilla force in the marshes and bogs around Wissenburg.