Monday, August 2, 2010

Second Battle of Agbetten; Monarchist Counter Attack

With UWP leader Oskarr Phlattz barely cold in the ground, and Unkerlant Workers Party forces still reeling from their oil reserves being destroyed, Ludwigian forces took the opportunity to counter attack and try to retake Agbetten.
The city was still burning in places from the last battle, when Monarchist shells started falling. The barrage lasted almost 3 hours before the steady rumbling of tanks was heard. The outer defenses quickly fell, trenches being manned mostly by hastily rounded up conscripts. The airfields too, were attacked with planes still on the ground, so Ludwigians controlled the skies.
It was over for the UWP quickly. Remnants of the army that had captured Agbetten a week before, now fell back to Wuppental in defeat.
A captured UWP tank, soon to be pressed into Monarchist service.