Friday, July 20, 2012

The skies over Unkerlant

UWP planes
In the early morning, the skies above Geseburg erupted in battle. Ahead of the expected Nationalist zeppelin attack, their planes went forward to clear the skies of any Communist air power.
They wer met plane for plane by the UWP forces. The planes were no doubt piloted by Transbalkanian "observers".
High above the town they dueled. For every fascist plane downed, a UWP plane was destroyed. One desperate UWP pilot even even crashing his disabled plane into a UNF plane.
After a very short battle, a lone UNF plane staggered back to its bay aboard the zeppelin. The lumbering air giants were seen turning back. With no air cover they would be easy prey for the remaining communist pilots.
UNF planes
This was a chance to dig out an old favorite: Crimson Skies. Though designed for an alternate 1930s USA, these planes fit right in the skies above Unkerlant.


  1. I've always liked those planes from Crimson Skies, even though I've never played anything other than the video game, they do fit in nicely here I must say!

  2. Hurrah for weird '30s designs! Crimson Skies was about as pulp as you could get; a shame FASA went under when they did.

    It sounds as though Henry Ford might need to cut the UNF a check for some new planes, strictly under the table, of course.

  3. Planes are still available thru Iron Winds but the rules are tough to get. Glad I invested many moons ago.