Thursday, November 17, 2011


Another portrait by an unknown artist simply titled: "Bergstaat Highlander". As with much of its history, Bergstaat was divided by geographical lines during the war. The lowland east, with its factories and forges leaned towards the promises made by the Communist UWP, while the mountainous north was staunchly Monarchist.
This highland fellow is easily recognized by oversized beret. His raspberry pom-pom distinguishes him as a grenadier. The Bergstaat highland grenadiers suffered high casualties in the fighting around Geseburg. The remnants of these tenacious troops were later folded into the regular Ludwigian forces.


  1. I'm *finally* able to comment again on these blogs (mumbles curses at Blogger), and so I thought I'd say how much I like these artwork posts; they give a great "feel" for your setting.

    BTW, how did you make your propaganda posters for your world? I'm setting up a similar campaign in a 1930s US, and like the look of them, but am graphically challenged.

  2. Are you asking what design programs? The easiest way would be to find some poster you like and alter them to fit your setting. Let me know if you need help.