Wednesday, September 28, 2011

International Brigades

Pictured is flag of one of the many "International Brigades" sent to Unkerlant. The term brigade is misleading. Few could muster more than a platoon.
Filled with the best intentions, many foreigners flocked to Unkerlant, and its various factions, to help with struggle for a united Unkerlant. Very few actually made it. Travel in and out of Unkerlant, even with todays trains and aeroplanes, is spotty at best. And with most of the borders closed, even harder. Most foreigners are forced through Transbalkania, where they are arrested. if they are lucky. Worse, if they are unlucky.
One unit, however, has distinguished itself fighting for the more progressive PFU forces. The Ben Franklin Battalion, from the US, is made up from a collection of WWI vets and adventuresome scientists.
Unkerlant's isolation, both politically and geographically, has attracted academia for years. When not studying the country's peculiar linguistics, geology, flora, fauna and scientific advances (or lack there of), members of the Ben Franklin battalion can be found kicking in some teeth of those jack booted thugs, the UNF.

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